Facing My Deep Water Fear


So, for the past 2 months my blog posts have been based around sharks; their conservation, natural history and their ancient ancestors. This is because I have been blogging in conjunction with my fundraising event; Facing my Deep Water Fear challenge, which is now over! I had a few goals for conducting my challenge:

  1. Raise awareness for shark conservation
  2. Conquer my fear of deep water
  3. Help alleviate shark stigma
  4. Raise money for The Shark Trust

Happily, this challenge has helped me to get over my fear of deep water. By the end I could swim lengths of the pool, but dear goodness no one will ever, ever get me to lie down on my back in water and trust it to keep me upright! I have also managed to Raise £143 in online and offline donations. Which I am proud to have achieved. I do hope that I have in some small way helped to alleviate Shark stigma and raise shark awareness.

For my last words on the subject. I would like to thank everyone who read my shark posts, everyone who sponsored me and everyone who encouraged me. I appreciate all of it. This has been an amazing experience and even though asking people for money can be quite scary (even when you know you have an amazing cause on your side), and I may have been cursing and panicking in the pool more times than i’d care to mention,  it was still completely worth it!

For my next post…

Stay tuned for my next post if you want to read all about my Adventures in the Jurrassic Coast.



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