Prehistoric sharks: Megalodon



Size comparison of the biggest and smallest size a Megalodon is thought to get, compared to a great white shark. Image from

The heavyweight globetrotter of the prehistoric and modern-day…

The Megalodon is the largest predator that has ever called the Earths’ oceans home and lived globally during the Miocene and Pliocene epochs. It is thought to range from heights of 55 feet to 60 on average! We cannot know for certain how big these fish truly got, as a full skeleton has never been found. Estimates have been made of the few skeletal remains we do have,  the Megalodon’s ginormous teeth and using the great white as a method of measuring size from teeth. It is thought that some Megalodon specimens got as big as 100 feet and possibly bigger and weighed 50-75 tons! The only marine animal known to weigh more is the Plankton eating, harmless, blue whale; weighing 100 tons and over!

Giant tooth, the oceans T-Rex, with the most powerful bite ever recorded

The teeth of the Megalodon, where so large they earned it the name giant tooth. The teeth can measure more than 7 inches long and the only known creature they are truly comparable to are the T-rex. The teeth were heart-shaped and serrated, with a bite that inflicted the force of 10.8 -18 tons down on their prey, which was useful for bringing down their meal of choice…  Prehistoric whales. What other choice could there be to satisfy a voracious predator of this size? But don’t worry modern-day whales, this creature is extinct, you’re safe now. Dolphin, squid and giant turtle, they also ate your ancestors but you needn’t worry about the Megalodon either. The reason for this extinction is unknown, but thought possibly to do with the disappearance of prehistoric whales. Or due to the global cooling that was bringing the Earth towards an Ice age. Some conspiracist’s believe the Megalodon could still exist in the depths of the ocean, as so far it has been largely unexplored by mankind. Though there isn’t evidence to support this theory and I personally think that if they did still exist, they would be hunting our modern-day whales and if they did we would surly notice. Especially when we have conservationists out there tracking whales, but that is just my thought on the matter.

A quick note about global warming…

Although the planet has always gone through periods of warming and cooling that does not mean that this period of global warming was not induced by humans and that we should not do our bit to be more sustainable. This epoch has not been named the Anthropocene for no reason. Scientists have noticed for a long time a correlation between human developments and an acceleration in the warming of the planet. Global warming is not just something that will affect other animals it will affect humans too. It will change the crops that can be grown, the distribution of water, places which will be habitable and the distribution of pests, parasites and diseases in the world. It truly is a global issue that we need to work together on. It can be so simple and easy to make everyday changes such as turning the tv off at night, using eco-friendly cleaning products, trying to avoid food waste, or walking round the corner to the shop instead of taking the car (good for your health to). You don’t have to be avid campaigners, or decide you’re not going to wash for a week or live on an eco commune. You can make a difference in the little everyday things.

Well ,that escalated very quickly! Sorry about that, I’m just very passionate about Earth, it’s the only one we’ve got and I think it is beautiful. Next time I will either be Blogging about how my Facing My Deep Water Fear Swim went (as I did the last swim yesterday and am in the process of collecting the sponsor money), or I will be writing a travel post… Destination a surprise. Thank you all for reading my post!





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