Swimming for Sharks: Made it into the deep

So today was my second Facing my Deep Water Fear swim and I am thrilled to say I made it! I swam in deep water! At first I’m not ashamed to admit that I was thoroughly freaked out, but with support, I eventually made it. To begin with I held onto the side and tried swimming/dragging myself along the edge and I absolutely hated it. The water kept pulling my legs everywhere and it freaked me out that I wasn’t in control and even more so because I couldn’t touch the bottom and I was afraid that I would let go of the side and drown. A bit extreme perhaps, but it’s how I felt. So, The person I was with took a new tactic, teaching me how to turn mid pool in the shallows. Before I knew it, with the sheer concentration of turning and making sure I was still swimming properly I was heading towards the deep end. When I looked up that was where I was. I was utterly amazed and decided to test myself further by doing widths. I ended the hour and half in the pool by managing to attempt a couple of lengths. I hope I can keep this up again tomorrow! But I will have to go by myself and I hope that the lack of support won’t end up with me winding back up at square one. Please do wish me luck!


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