Swimming for Sharks: The first swim

Today I started my facing my deep water fear swim and I am so proud of what I achieved! I made it to a part of the swimming pool I have never been in before. I made it past the centre line, where it says no non swimmers aloud! So now I must be officially a swimmer because I made it out alive! I even managed to do about 10 widths. Admittedly I only gained the courage to make it that far because I was forced by the pool staff. Due to them closing off the shallow end for an exercise class , but it did prove to me that I could do it! I only stayed where I could still touch the bottom of tippy toes but the person I took with me for support was amazing! They helped me feel really comfortable in the water and taught me how to swim properly and how to push off the side without having to touch the floor. In the end I was able to push off the sides and do about 10 widths!! I’m so proud of myself and now more than ever I have the confidence to believe I can make it to the very end of the swimming pool and what’s more feel comfortable there! As long as I have someone there with me for support… But I am determined to make it for The shark Trust, the sharks themselves, the people who are supporting me, sponsoring me and believing in me and also for me, myself.


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