Facing my fear of deep water for charity

5 days to go…

In five days time, I will be taking to the water to conquer my fear of water and raise money for charity. I will be doing this over the space of two weeks, as I don’t think I can make that progression over night and am hoping to gain lots of pledges (no matter how big or small) to spare me on.

I have wanted to conquer this fear for a while and took lessons to learn to swim in shallow waters, but still could not get past the centre line of my local baths. So, one sleepless night (not brought on by thinking of water may I add) That I could use charity as an excuse to make it past that line. I had this notion a few months ago and brushed it off as being a little crazy, but the idea didn’t leave me and so I thought, well why not?

My chosen charity was easy for me as an aspiring conservationist and this event being water based; I decided on The Shark Trust. Now before I lose half the readership please do here me out on this. I know many people don’t like sharks and that was kind of the point. I thought this was the perfect excuse to not only conquer my fear but to challenge peoples misconceptions about shark species. There are many species of shark in the world and most are harmless to humans and are in fact integral to our eco-systems. Also, if someone can conquer their fear for charity, and chose the shark as a conservation species, then they can’t be that evil and perhaps you could own important members in our oceans; VIP’s of the oceans if you will?

So, far I have raised £67.00 in pledges, with more pledges to come I am told. I am also hoping the lovely people I volunteer with at various places have taken pen to paper for me. If reading of my crazy (sorry courageous) plan has inspired you to take on your own challenge then that is great and please don’t refrain from telling me about it. If you would like to sponsor me and learn more about my swim please visit my Just giving page  (by clicking on Just Giving, which is highlighted in blue).

I’ll be posting more (probably sure to be humorous) updates of how I’m getting on. As well as a few facts about shark species and conservation, during the course of my Facing my Fear Swim. So I hope you will stay tuned for those. Next post will be about the Basking Shark.



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