The Jaws Effect


This magnificent specimen pictured above is the Great White Shark and todays blog post is centred around, what I am terming; The Jaws Effect.

Once, Sharks where revered as Gods for their shows of strength and power. Now, they are feared. A fear that has grown strong on the back of one very famous film in the west; Jaws. This film paints a picture of a mindless, psycho killer which is simply not true. Sharks are not mindless or psychotic, and indeed you are far more likely to be killed by your own bath than by a shark! The effect this film has had on human psyche has lead to a pathological fear of a creature most people will probably never come across. It has also lead to a dark underbelly of human nature; trophy hunting. I know that it would be foolish to blame  one film and that there will be other contributing factors. I am also aware there are tragically other animals who are hunted as trophies. Still, there is no getting away from the fact that this film has had an affect on peoples opinions of sharks.

Now, as I have said before I love sharks; their adaptations, their varying physiology and behaviours. They are very special and so important to keeping our ecosystems healthy. They have been swimming in our oceans for millions of years, the waters and sharks have grown together. I really cannot bear the thought that we could potentially be the species to wipe these magnificent animals from the oceans forever. This is the reason I have been posting so avidly about sharks and the reason I am Swimming for sharks. I want to raise awareness for their conservation. I want to help lessen the Jaws Effect. I want to spread the RESPECT SHARKS DON’T FEAR them message and you dear reader, I hope will spread that message to. I hope you are enjoying my posts and are finding a way to appreciate sharks too.


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