Swimming for Sharks: I will be conquering my fear of deep water to help combat shark stigma


Tasselled wobble gong (Eucrossorhinus dasypogon)

Some people might fear water because of what lurks beneath; that is not my reason. I fear the water for its sheer power and ferocity, its ability to drown and sweep people out to sea. As for the animals lurking below; I am fascinated by them. They are the reason I would love to get over this fear of deep water, so that one day I could perhaps take a closer look.

I have noticed a parallel between the ocean and sharks; both have power that commands respect, a power that can easily be misdirected into fear. So, I will be learning to control and conquer this fear of deep water to promote awareness for shark conservation. To show that they aren’t mindless killers and that if a person like me can use them as a motivator to a conquer a real fear, then surely there is something to love and admire about sharks.

I am planning from the 27th of March to the 10th of April, to spend two weeks attempting to make it to the end of the pool at least, if not learn to be comfortable in deep water. Which if you knew me well you would realise that this is a very big deal for me and that I usually freeze when I get to the centre line of the pool. So you may wonder, if I’m that afraid why am I being so crazy as to attempt this? Well the answer is this. I love sharks, they are important to our ecosystems and their adaptations are amazing! I want to show people that fears can be overcome and most importantly I want to spread a respect not fear message. I want to get across the message that we should respect sharks not fear them and I am hoping that you reader, will spread that message too.

Up until the event and during I will be posting shark awareness posts; life history, interesting facts, conservation issues and my swimming for sharks progression. Starting with a blog post about the Tasselled wobble gong tomorrow (pictured above) which is one of my favourite shark species. I mean, Tasselled wobble gong! What a fantastic name!


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