Exploring the everyday: A tale of urban wildlife

When living in a city or a town it is too easy to take your surroundings for granted and to miss the wondrous wildlife growing out of cracks in pavements and walls. It is too easy to ignore the beautiful wildflowers and alien fungi growing in the park. To disregard the lovely mosses and lichens. To become so complacent about the majesty of trees. It is so easy to keep treading the same paths, never deviating from the same route, never looking below your feet; or in much detail. It is so easy to miss everything. Easy to assume life is just step after step of boring concrete; but it doesn’t have to be that way!

All these pictures I took whilst exploring  my local park this October. My favourite find was a chestnut that had clear markings in it from a squirrel (but I am a major wildlife nerd). The pretty yellow flower, is a wildflower that grows in my garden and it is (to some people surprisingly) interesting. I have only seen the flower bloom twice. When the sun goes in the flower appears to retreat into a thick band around the top half of the stem. In fact exploring my garden I have found many interesting plants like this. I bet that if anyone reading this decides to explore their garden they will find some hidden treasures to.

So many people wish they could go back to the golden age of exploration. Crave the adventure of finding new worlds and new life. But we don’t need to be in the golden age of exploration to have an adventure or to discover new things. All we need to do is open our eyes to wonder and seek out the adventure for ourselves.


2 thoughts on “Exploring the everyday: A tale of urban wildlife

  1. goingearthstyle says:

    I’ve lived my whole life in a small town and near the big city and I just recently “discovered” how beautiful nature actually is in my own country, I always thought that you needed to travel far to see something spectacular. Now I appreciate the beauty in my own country more 🙂


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