Waterfowl and Wildflowers

You know what is great for the soul? Nature!

So, yesterday I was feeling a bit bogged down with work, so I took a trip to Longton Brick croft nature reserve. Almost the first thing I did (typical me) was to fall up the steps. I have a lovely giant bruise and a cut to show for it now! Any who, the reserve was in full bloom. It was so beautiful I immediately felt relaxed (despite the cut leg) and went adventuring down to the water’s edge. A coot noticed me and started running away back into the water.  It was quite a comical sight actually. I watched the alarmed coot swim away to the centre of the lake to join the other ducks enjoying the nice weather atop the algae ridden water. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something dash behind a weed beneath the clear patch of water. Another figure dashed, until my vision was filled with many little black sliver dashing in and out of the aquatic weeds. I watched them for a while, smiling to myself as I got the chance to peak into their underwater world. I reached into my handbag for my phone and just as I went to take a picture they all disappeared. Proof indeed that moments were meant to be enjoyed through our natural lens – the eye. One might argue.

I climbed back up the embankment and onto the path looking for wildflowers and butterflies. I was not disappointed. There were plenty of butterflies dancing around the nettle plants. By a small unassuming pond, a big, red dragonfly flew out right in front of me. I swung my head around to follow the creature and almost tripped over a dog in the process. Luckily the dog (and the owner) was an absolute sweetheart and wasn’t fazed. She was a lovely, fluffy dog called Meg – the Welsh sheepdog. Defiantly a candidate for my future dog (along with an Irish wolfhound or Scottish deerhound) after meeting sweet old Meg. We walked further around the lake, almost on par with one another until we came to a gaggle of ducks. Meg’s owner dipped into her bag and produced a packet of bird seeds and began to throw them to the waterfowl. They couldn’t wait to get their beaks on the tasty seeds and became raptured with longing and impatience to stuff their little beaks. The gaggle broke through the gap in the fence and into the middle of the path, being showered with yet more food from another visitor come with glorious grains. One duck looked upwards at me, begging for food that I did not have. I felt sorry for the thing and tried to lead her to the rest of the waterfowl, to jostle for her rightful share of the prize. Further around the lake, four Canada geese sat in a perfect line watching people pass them by. They seemed almost majestic, viewing them that close. Seeing those geese and all the other wildlife that day really reminded me  how much I love wildlife, and that no matter how stressed you are or how out of sorts you feel. Nature is always there, waiting to bring magic into your life and make you feel apart of something amazing.


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