Our heritage, our ancient woodlands


Ty Canol ancient woodland

Ty Canol is an ancient woodland in West Wales. The woodlands were magnificent to walk around. Stepping into an ancient woodland is like stepping into the past. Being there really gave you a sense of how woodlands should be. It is so serene and wonderful. The speed and anxiety of modern life simply does not exist amongst these tall ancient trees. Life slows down as you take in your surroundings. The mossy rocks are soft to the touch and so interesting in the way they are formed. Walking around the woodlands I just felt as though that is where I should be, always. Spending my time amongst the trees. I noticed that artists had made artwork from the natural environment. One had made a den complete with bed. They had moved moss to make the bed which is not actually allowed. Another had made a throne from fallen branches and moss had grown. It was unbelievably comfortable. I felt like a fairy princess sitting on the earthen throne.

Protect our ancient woodlands!

Ancient woodlands, like Ty Canol are fast in decline in the UK. They are incredibly important and unique ecosystems. If we lose woodlands like these than many of these species that depend on them would face extinction. People think that if we a cut a tree down and replace it everything will be fine. Not in the case of ancient woodlands. Ancient woodlands are irreplaceable. They take hundreds of years to form and the complexity of the communities are so complex they could not cope in a younger woodland. Ancient woodlands need and deserve our protection. Please, if you get the chance visit an ancient woodland. You will not be disappointed; you will experience its beauty and our heritage. It will feel like coming home.


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