Adventures in Rose bush

Rose bush is a sweet, little village in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Home to wonderful walks, beautiful views and amazing wildlife.  It is my favourite place on Earth.

For 2 weeks I stayed with Cian in Rose bush. Each morning a toad rested by the front door and I would lie on the floor watching the toad. They are so cute their faces are like a grumpy child, I have no idea how people can dislike them. Just look at their cute little face and their amber eyes! I am done going crazy over toads now, I promise.

Rose bush was built for the old mining business in the area. Mining doesn’t happen anymore and nature has reclaimed the land. If you climb up to the quarry pits you can find little oasis’ that feel untouched by man. As if stepping far back into time. There is one particular spot that is so inspiring. A little incline, with a small, completely clear pond. Surrounded on all sides by slate, blanketed with shrubs and a splattering of trees. In the mountain fog the whole village becomes a work of magic. The oasis’s feel like the setting of a mythical story about fairies or ghosts.

The mountain walk, is a couple of hours climb involving meanders through boggy fields. The view from the top is well worth the climb. All of West Wales can be seen, the Mountains of the North and on a clear day Ireland can be spied. The climb feels all the more rewarding when you are racing the sun. In a bid to watch it set or rise from the very top. It is a lot easier to navigate the boggy fields if you opt for the sunset rather than watching the sunrise. Me and Cian have done both, the sunrise did feel more spectacular. Groping up the mountain in the dark, to sit and watch the pre dawn elapse into the dawn. If you ever have the chance, go and watch the sun rise from a mountainous position.


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