British adventures

If you are looking for an insight on places to visit around the UK – then this is the blog to follow.

Sorry to say the Danish adventure’s blog posts are over. There will be more exotic adventures to come though (unless you aren’t British, in which case these will be just as exotic). I, myself am a British citizen and I will be posting about different places I’ve been around the United Kingdom which may give you some future travel/day trip ideas. First destination; Preston.


Preston is a little Northern city, in the Lancashire county. It is home to an enormous, beautiful park, two fantastic nature reserves (which are definitely worth a visit!) and an old Medieval hall. Avenham park, is just off the town centre – my top tip would be to cross the bridge and go to the wilder side of the park. There are a lot fewer people there and a hidden gem of a conservation zone to boot!

Martin Mere and Brockhole’s nature reserves

If you are a birder than Martin mere is the place for you. An all-rounder? Try Brockhole’s. Exotic birds and more common birds live on the reserve as all year round residents, but serious birders come for the hides. The spot cheeky, seasonal visitor’s who come along to pinch the food. Just recently a beautiful white-winged black tern was spotted in the hides! There are also some lovely otters to say hi to. I visited just recently and it is chick season! So, there were so many cuties running around. If you want you can also buy bird seed and feed the birds. The pink footed geese will even take seed from your hand! It does really tickle though!Brockhole’s has plenty of events on and plenty to see. My favourite thing to go and see is the badger sett.

Samlesbury hall

Samlesbury hall is located in Preston, Lancashire.  A medieval house, built-in 1325 as a family home. The hall is now open access to the public. It is certainly beautiful and interesting to look around. There are also tales of ghosts about the place and a Victorian classroom inside. The grounds have an animal farm (my particular favourite attraction) That has a few cheeky goats and two very cheeky pigs on the look out for some extra snacks. There is also a bee heritage building on site – complete with bee hives.


Tea (cake) time!

This next segment isn’t much to do with it. I just made buns and teacakes for the first time and they came out perfect. So I wanted to show off. They where really easy to make and the recipe was really simple to follow. So If anyone is interested in making their own bread. I fully recommend it.


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