Danish adventures: Struer and Lemvig


Struer harbour in winter.

Struer – a winter wonderland

The first time I ever went to Denmark, was the winter just passed. I jumped straight on the 5 hour train from Copenhagen to Struer and, well I accidentally almost ended up in Germany…  I had no internet, no calls on my phone and I was travelling all by myself with my partner waiting for me in Struer station at a set time. It all started smoothly. I got on the right train and I had a plan. There was just one problem – I don’t speak Danish and I couldn’t tell what the place names where that the announcer was saying. I turned to ask a couple behind me when the stop would be and that is when my troubles began… They didn’t think that train went to where I needed to go. I knew I was on the right train  but they were locals they must be right! They spoke to the conductor for me, at which point two other Danes got involved all speaking in Danish not telling me what was going on. Next thing I knew I was running with one of them through the train to find a different carriage. Only to be told to get off the train and run onto another train. Then my troubles really began. It was the wrong train!  The guy I jumped on the train with tapped me on the shoulder and said I needed to get off. I was confused because I thought we were going to the same place. So I ran and I missed the stop. At this point I was so confused and exhausted with no idea what to do next. That was when I met a lovely woman who noticed me starting to panic and cry (for the first time. Adrenaline disappearing with every moment). She looked up the stop I needed and the train I needed on the internet and directed me were to go and thanks to her I made it to Struer!

Stuer was covered in thick snow with made the sweet little houses even more charming. It is genuinely a lovely place to visit no matter the season. Hot chocolate and lying on the under floor heating were main fixtures of the trip. Their houses are defiantly more equipped to deal with the cold than they are here in England. There are many unusual statues to be seen around Struer. The strangest was a mans head resting face down on the floor. The most amazing moment had to be we my partner and I went to the park at night and a whole flock of ducks ran straight at us across the frozen lake. You could see them notice one by one that we didn’t have any food for them and grind straight to a halt to go back to their everyday business. It was magical.


Someone recommended that we try out Lemvig – so we did. Lemvig, is a small fishing town just down the coast from Struer. It’s a sweet little place, with more statues (something that appears to be a main fixture throughout Denmark). There are a few shops and cafes, with a sea front to walk along and a nice long jetty with great views of Lemvig and the town across. Other than that there isn’t much else. The patterns that the ice had made on the water were amazing and intriguing to look at.


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