Danish adventures: Struer

Struer – a place of serenity and wildlife?

Struer might be an unlikely Danish town to visit for many but it is very; beautiful, charming, peaceful and there is plenty of wildlife to find (if you are that way inclined). I ended up in Struer whilst visiting my partner who is currently on an internship there. He was working all week so it gave me the perfect opportunity to explore Struer and surrounding places by myself.

Week one

I can’t lie. Week one I didn’t really do much at all. I’d had a very hard year and was glad of the relaxation. The first thing I did do though, was check out what the place looked like in Summer. The first time I had visited Struer it was the middle of winter and the charming houses were covered with snow. Now the town looked charming still in the radiant sunshine and all of the vegetation had come out to play. Beautiful wildlife flowers providing pops of purples and yellows everywhere. The parks in Denmark have nature trails. It was lovely to walk in the summer and see all the vegetation come to life with activity.

The second week was filled with adventure, mishaps and most importantly wildlife! The first place I went on the look out for wildlife was by Bremdal strand (the beach in the next town on from Struer).  There, I found Giant jellyfish battling against the tide trying to wash them ashore. Sea birds scanning the shallows for the abundant crabs to get there beaks into. I even found a group of crabs stuck to a jellyfish, who was huddling close to a rocky outcrop from the shore. Bremdal had a caravan park next to beach which had a family of goats (who I formed a strong attachment to). Who couldn’t love goats?

To be continued…


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