Danish adventures: Copenhagen

First stop Copenhagen – For the weekend.

Copenhagen was the first stop on a two-week trip (lucky me!) and what a beautiful city! It has to be said. With the weather being gorgeous to match. Friday night was spent getting to know the hostel and exploring the city on the look out for food and interesting sites.

Day one

Involved a trip to the park in the morning. No matter where I go it is important for me to get my wildlife fix. The park I can tell you was no disappointment even though it was bustling with activity. People relaxing around the lake eating, chatting and listening to music. Normally hoards of people leave me anxious but the happy people in the setting of the park only added to the atmosphere.

Next Stop was to get a boat around Copenhagen’s canal system. The hop on and off boat was 95 crones for 2 days (the equivalent on £9.50), so very reasonable I thought. I got off to check out the famous Little Mermaid statue, which everyone remarks as being smaller than you’d think. Which it is – quite small. Jutting out from the land into the water sitting in splendid grace. Then after siting a while sketching the scene I made my way inland from the little Mermaid towards the Citadel.

The Citadel, surrounded by a water filled moat and buildings carved from brilliant red brick stood once as a military base. The raised grass verges that swallowed up the citadel inside were pockets of peace in a bustling city. Boasting wonderful views. I managed to find plenty of wildlife (especially pretty wildflowers). It was truly my favourite place I visited in Copenhagen. Afterwards, I ventured back onto the boat and across to the street food (which is an attraction in Copenhagen). The place was rammed with people. It was so stifling but I did get the tastiest falafel I have ever had.

Day two

The Morning was spent exploring the city further, soaking in the atmosphere and trying some delicious Danish pastries. I found a series of locks, I walked them and occasionally sat taking in the sights of the city. The sheer number of bicycles you can see around Copenhagen is marvellous. They do in fact have free bikes for those who are brave enough to give cycling a go in the country’s Capital. Unfortunately I was not, but then I am not a seasoned cyclist. After a while  sitting in contented appreciation I decided it was time to embark on the 5 hour journey to Struer.


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